Haslemere is a small Market Town in the United Kingdom on the borders of Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, roughly half way between London and Portsmouth.

The project is using local Artists and Schools to decorate 60 fibreglass Hogs that will be displayed throughout the area for approximately 3 months from April 2017.
Following the display period - The Hog Parade - the Hogs will be sold off with the proceeds going to The Mayor of Haslemere’s Charities.

The aims of this website are

- to Generate Civic Pride
- to promote the Town of Haslemere and it’s surrounding area
- to Create opportunities for businesses and Organisations to raise their profile
- to generate income for the Mayor's Charities and also provide opportunities for Community Groups to use the project to generate revenue for themselves in addition
- to promote the Visual Arts - The Haslemere crest includes the Latin inscription Vita Musis Gratior - Life is better through the Arts
- to generate Fun & capture the imagination and participation of Businesses, Community Groups, Charities and the Public across all ages

for more info please email brian@haslemerehogs.co.uk