14 Poppy PIG

When asked to create a Haslemere Hog my first thought was to reflect the mood and technique of my landscape paintings.
These often include a foreground of wild flowers and an impasto application of oil paint.

So Poppy Pig is a Tamworth pig sitting in a cornfield with wild poppies, daisies and cow parsley.

I hope she looks happy as she munches daisies, as it was such fun painting her'

Shottermill Great War Memorial Trust
Mirabelle's, Weyhill
Christine Thompson(chrissiethompson@btinternet.com)

After having studied graphic design at Twickenham Art School, where fine art played a dual role with commercial application, Christine worked for six years in a London studio as an advertising designer. However, in recent years, Christine has returned to the fine art side of her training and has developed her distinctive style as a landscape and seascape painter.