1 PIGasso
Now with new loving owners in Liphook

The design for PIGasso sprung from a combination of the pun on the name and the originality of his STYle.

I see pigs as intelligent but humorous animals. Picasso's work, for me, combines both. It has a natural fit.

Using acrylic paint, I reproduced many of the typical shapes and colours occurring in Picasso's paintings. I signed 'Pigasso' with a flourish so typical of the artist.

Haslemere & District Chamber Of Commerce
Marley Flowers
David Paynter(d.paynter659@btinternet.com)

After a successful business career, David decided to retire early to spend more time in a purely creative role. He now enjoys painting, life drawing and sculpting – mainly in stone and bronze.   Like many artists, David is inspired by the natural world and ‘With each of my pieces, comes a poem. The words seem to suggest themselves readily after so many days spent in the creative process.