13 Harry HOGspot

Harry HOGspot was created because I wanted to do a colourful retro design
look and at the time I was aware that Brian Howard was very busy organising
Haslemere Hogs and was conscious when painting he was running around in
circles somewhat! So my finished title is Harry HOGspot trotting in ever
decreasing circles. Maybe folk will look at Harry and think of Brian!

Phil Bates - Supporting Haslemere Museum
Haslemere Museum
Phil Bates(philbates@woodyhyde.com)

My work can be considered abstract, which simply put is a form of work which does not seek to represent the world around us nor does it represent recognisable objects. I work in acrylics using both brush and palette knife, the latter being my preferred choice having, in the past, been a modeller working in clay, plaster and other materials. Many of my paintings incorporate primary colours, textures, geometric shapes and patter repeats, bringing abstraction together.