17 Inside SNOUT

PIG anatomy.
Inside-SNOUT was painted with an anatomical perspective because of Joanna's interest in anatomy.

The pig is painted as an Irish breed of domestic pig called a Tamworth Tan. One side show his brown and tan colouring and the other half has been dissected to show the superficial muscle underneath the skin. The muscles have been accurately painted using acrylic paint.

Medical Stock Images
Hamptons International, High St.
Joanna Culley(joanna@medical-artist.com)

Joanna is a professional medical and scientific artist trained in anatomy. Producing accurate illustrations of human and animal anatomy. Commissioned by the medical and science industries the purpose is for the illustrations to enhance written and marketing communications, to give medical text the greater power to inform and educate. Projects involve illustrating anatomy books, science journals and within patient education materials to name but a few.