24 Hopped HOG

The Hogs Back Brewery Hopped Hog was inspired by our very own hop garden, which is just over the road from the brewery in Tongham, Surrey. We grow, tend and harvest three varieties of hop, including Farnham White Bine, a heritage hop grown only by us, and nowhere else in the world! Wherever possible we use our own hops in our beers – from our classic TEA (Traditional English Ale) to Farnham White and Surrey Nirvana.

Hogs Back Brewery
White Horse, Haslemere
Alan Wallis

Alan was delighted to decorate the Hogs Back Brewery Haslemere Hog, being his local brewery near Farnham. Alan has been working with ceramics since his art school days in the 1960’s and ran his own pottery and design businesses, including The Hop Kilns Pottery in Farnham. He now produces ceramic sculptures and decorative ceramics from his studio. Alan works in specialist clays which enable him to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in ceramics.