26 Snoop HOGGY HOG
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A group brainstorming meeting of around 24 kids produced a short list of 5 possible names. Snoop HOGGY HOG, HOG Marley, SPAMdau Ballet, Harry TROTTER and Notorious P.I.G.

Having learned that Harry TROTTER had already been taken, we settled on Snoop HOG

We researched as many images of our chosen Hero as we could find and on the evening of week 1, We drew on the tracksuit and coloured his head.

Leaving that to dry we went in search of suitable 'Bling' and the best material for his hair and beard - we decided on 100% pure wool.

In week 2 the glitter came out and we drew on the lines on his track suit and trainers.

Week 3 saw us under time pressure to be ready for the HOG Parade Launch but with hard work and determination we made it !!

Haslemere Town Council
The Wey Centre, St. Christophers Road

Project Leader