25 GAMMONtrude

The full name of our HOG is GAMMONtrude BOARder, The PIG in a Roke !

At the heart of the school's estate is Great Roke, an Arts & Crafts former country house completed in 1909 with formal gardens designed by Gertrude Jekyll; it is a truly inspiring environment in which to grow and learn.

Using the history of the school, all the children collaborated to make a series of clay objects that have been attached to the HOG. The Pre Prep department have painted small clay Bumble Bees and Years 3, 4 and 5 have created and painted clay butterflies. To compliment these insects, Years 6, 7 and 8 have created a clay version of the Gertrude Jekyll rose.

These roses represent the school's connection to the highly regarded garden designer and celebrate her walled gardens that are still cared for on the school site.

As part of the fundraising event, the school ran a 'Name the HOG' competition; three students collaborated to create the full name. Thank you to Raymond, George and Sebastian for their clever contributions.

Barrow Hills School
Haslemere Cellar, West St.
Barrow Hills School
Project Leader Kitty Hatcher (Head Of Art) (kjh@barrowhills.org)