40 Le CorBOARsier

Le CorBOARsier is a modernist Porkitect famed for his seminal work 'Villa Saveloy' in Northern France, which has remained a porkitectural 'STYle icon well into the 21st century.

Le CorBOARsier, a minimalist, regards clothing as an irrelevance and wears nothing but a pair of his trademark Bakelite rimmed glasses and a coat of white paint. Now with a new office opening in Haslemere, Le CorBOARsier and Partners are working on their latest commission, teaming up with Irish American PORKitect, Chip O'Lata, to design a multi-story PORK park near TROTTON, the design of which was inspired by Rassion deconstructivism. Their dream is to have a multi-story PORK park on every street in the county.

The English PORKitects, Sage and Onion and Partners, have been accused of copying Le CorBOARsier's STYle but in their defence, they say they Villa Saveloy is an inspiration and goes nicely with a bit of stuffing.

The German modular PORKitects, Huff and Puff Associates have said of Le CorBOARsier's work 'Villa Saveloy is fresh out of the 'pen', a symphony of form following function and really makes us want to go vee, vee, vee all ze vay home'.

David O'Brien
Haslemere Health Foods , Weyhill
David O'Brien