35 HollyHOCK

At St Bartholomew's School we organised a competition to create a design for our hog. We had over 120 amazing entries, some incredibly imaginative and intricate.

It proved a very difficult task to choose a winner, but we finally picked a charming and colourful design submitted by Holly, one of our Year 4 pupils.

Haslemere Town Council
Henry Adams 56a High St.
Linda Lindars & Team

Linda Lindars is the school's art coordinator. She worked with a group of keen Year 6 pupils to recreate the design on our hog, using a mix of acrylic paint for the rainbow background, and a collage of cut paper flowers. We also incorporated our school logo 'Believe, Achieve, Respect, Trust, Succeed' as the centre of some of the flowers. We had regular checks with our 'designer' Holly to make sure we were doing her design justice, and she helped us to add the finishing touches to Holly Hock.