42 Diamond HOG

My love of the impact of Pop Art and its simplicity of presentation & message was my inspiration. My love of David Bowie & his music started in the 70’s & Haslemere was a place I spent much time during that decade.
The Latin inscription from the Haslemere Crest, VITA MUSIS GRATER (Life is better through the arts) is such an important truth and can be seen clearly in all that David Bowie achieved in his career and his outstanding private art collection. The diamonds are representative of the Civic Pride in Haslemere & the many years of the Mayoral tenure.
It also came to my attention that Past Mayor & current HOGmaster, Brian Howard was involved in the world of Pop and organised ‘gigs’ for some very well known Rock bands. Thus Diamond Hog was born........

Millie Jones Hair
Chiropractic Clinic, West Street
Linda Westall

Linda is a local artist who lives in Newton Valence with her husband, 3 dogs, 2 sheep and 5 horses. Her 3 children all live in the UK. Linda works in oils primarily with a palette knife and loves the fluidity and control that the medium brings to her work. She has a great love of all things equestrian and this has greatly influenced her art. Her horse canvases include amongst others Mustangs and Polo ponies. She also paints portraits, landscapes, seascapes, dogs and other animals. Her work is atmospheric and encompasses elements of Impressionism in a strong contemporary way. She exhibits locally and has sold work Internationally as well, this year, a commission piece went to Florida USA. Linda is also in a partnership with Wendy Richards running Tipple Art, a Social Art Company.